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Monday February 11 2019

Ventusky at 7 pm 2019/02/11 7.  Bull’s eye!ventusky-rain-3h-20190212t0300

The Port Angeles fire station in Central PA at 5 pm 2019/02/11.  That’s the thickest snow in all respects in my 24 years living in central Port Angeles!20190211_170820

Ventusky precipitation forecast 2019/2/10 to 2019/2/12. That’s in inches of rain.  One inch of rain generally translates to about 13 inches of snow.   See NOAA Winter Facts.




Sunday February 10 2019

20190210_132942Above, looking south from Central PA at 1 pm 2019/02/10, weather from the south is making its way over the Olympic Mountains while the flag at the fire station shows weather moving east to west above Port Angeles.  See Ventusky at 1 pm 2019/02/10.ventusky-rain-3h-20190210t2100-4800n12357w